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The colorful painted, artistic murals spread across the city are the new sights.


hile the Hollywood sign and Walk of Fame will always be LA’s most photographed and visited spots, there is a new group of “landmarks” emerging in the City of Angels. The colorful painted, artistic murals and walls spread across the city are the new sights. LA visitors (and locals) wait in lines to snap a picture of them. And if the situation allows, jump, pose or hold an ice cream in front of while being photographed.

There might not be a “walls of LA” bus tour yet, but we are sure it will happen sooner than later.

Colorful walls and murals are nothing new to LA, yet the wall craze took off when Paul Smith, a British designer, painted the exterior of his boutique on Melrose, bright pink in 2005. Creating the perfect backdrop for fashion & portraits shoots, and now #selfies. With the rise of Instagram and smartphones, it’s probably one of the most photographed locations in LA. It even has its own security guy “coordinating” the photo shoots. And while we don’t see these walls in commercials for LA yet, they are, in our opinion, very legit places to visit. Some of them are painted by famous artists, or they are a part of worldwide street art collections whereas others have meaningful messages or are just simply great work of art.

We have rounded up our favorites so next time you are in LA, you know exactly where to go.

The Pink Wall (pictured above)

Location: 8221 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles :: map
Why take a picture here: The pink wall is the mother of all walls in LA. The vibrant pink makes everything stand out, and the abundance of negative space (which is widely popular now in photography), created by the solid, unbroken color make the pink wall a great spot for your artistic expression.


Made in LA

Location: 8025 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles (Cisco Home):: map
Why take a picture here: Since painted in 2013 by the local furniture store, Cisco, the Made in LA wall has created a cult following within the Millennials. While you might not have been made in LA, the bold letters scream you certainly have been in LA.


Photo via Instagram by @amyspancerla

Love bErto

★Location: Abbot Kinney Blvd & San Juan Ave (on the building of the Otheroom bar) :: map
★Why take a picture here: The Miami-born artist, Love Berto, who has traveled the world in search of art and waves, divides now his time between LA and NYC while creating stunning kaleidoscopic murals. This one on Abbot Kinney in Venice is a pure color explosion representing the bright California sun and the blue waves of the Pacific. See here his latest work in Venice.


Photo via Instagram by @caracuulei

Polka Dot Wall

Location: 608 Mateo St, Los Angeles (at the Springs) :: map
Why take a picture here: When Matty Mo left this career in marketing to pursue his dream of being an artist, he applied what he has learned in advertising; to promote and sell your work you need to get viral. So he created his first mural, the famous Polka Dot wall at the Springs and grew his Instagram followers from few hundred to over 10,000 within a month. Today he runs the art collective The Most Famous Artist and his murals are spread out across the city.


Photo by Valorie Darling Photography

Love Wall

Location: Hayden Ave & Warner Drive, Culver City :: map
Why take a picture here: Sometimes all you need is love. And the famous NYC artist, Curtis Kulig, has painted us a whole wall with love. If you are looking for a personalized Valentine’s Day card or engagement photo backdrop, you might want to consider this location.


Photo via Instagram by @durvndurvn

Mondrian Wall

Location: 1660 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles (on the building of Artist & Craftsman Supply) :: map
Why take a picture here: The Mondrian-inspired wall has seen many iPhone pointed at it, and it’s fitting for a company that sells art supplies to have one very recognizable art pattern painted on their wall.


Photo via Instagram by @hiveandhum

Retna Mural

Location: 8826 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles :: map
Why take a picture here: LA-born artist Retna has made his name with hieroglyphic style graffiti art across LA. His work is displayed in galleries from New York to Hong Kong, and he has collaborated with brands like Nike and Louis Vuitton. Thus we appreciate more that we still can enjoy his great art in the wild.


Photo via Instagram by @cb2weho

Chris Uphues Wall

Location: 310 N Stanley Ave, Los Angeles ( on the side of the building facing the small alley) :: map
Why take a picture here: We admit, Chris‘ “incidental graphics” featuring hearts, stars, fruits and shapes with cartoon-like faces put a smile on our face each time we spot them somewhere. And if a picture of his wall is not enough for you, you can buy everything from key chains to pins with these cute faces in his online shop.


Photo via Instagram by @courtneypoppell

Angel Wings

Location: 3rd St & Orlando Ave., Los Angeles (on the wall facing Orlando Ave.) :: map
Why take a picture here: Be an Angel and share some kindness, love, and peace with the world. The artists, Colette Miller, created the angels wings in various locations across the globe to remind people that we are all “Angels of the Earth”. For a full list of the locations check out her website.


Photo via Instagram by @lindatol_

The Dance of the Butterflies

Location: 621 N La Cienega Blvd ( on the parking lot of Modern Rugs) :: map
Why take a picture here: If you are in a need of a good picture and some daily motivation, the Dream Big Wall by artists Marisabel Bazan with its motivational sayings with cheer you up in no time.

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