The Stuft Surfer Cafe – Newport Beach

Who is up for burgers and milkshakes at the Stuft Surfer in Newport Beach?

Milkshakes are a thing in South California, so are burgers, cruiser bikes, and rollerblades. Wish for all these things in one place and you will find yourself at the Stuft Surfer between Balboa and Newport Beach Pier. While chain restaurant might be more represented throughout Orange County, the little store directly on the beach promenade is a hailed gathering place for locals and the occasionally lost tourist. Not too fancy and yet every weekend the line gets long the for breakfast, still we don’t mind waiting for bare feet on the beach for our spinach breakfast burrito. Few picnic tables are set up, but a remote picnic blanket further away from the street is how we like our sandwich best. And yes, the milkshakes, those are superb. The right amount of sweet, especially the chocolate flavor. Next time you find yourself cruising around Newport Beach this is your pit stop.

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The Stuft Surfer
101 E 15th St
Newport Beach, CA 92663


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