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Chances are good, you would miss it, but we are here to tell you: next time you drive through Pacifica, you must stop at Yonder Shop.


he little space just next to the Highway 1 is home to Linda Fahey’s studio and shop. Also, chances are pretty good (no matter where you live) you have stumbled upon Linda’s work at the big Boho store. Yep, that’s right — at Anthropologie. Linda lives and works as a ceramic artist in Pacifica, where she creates beautiful, ocean-inspired ceramics in the form of plates, bowls, mugs and other home goods. Her signature blue, wave lines are gracing her own line as well as four collections for Anthropologie. Being through and through a California girl (she grew up in Pacifica), Linda gets her inspiration from the endless walks along the coast and days spent at the beach. When she is not working on a new product, Linda is curating items for her shop or teaching private and corporate pottery classes at her studio. Rumor has it: she might also be moving into a new, bigger space in San Francisco. But the beloved YONDER Shop will stay open. So SF, make sure you follow Linda on Instagram for news and updates. We drove down to Pacifica to meet Linda and chit-chat with her about all things ceramics, how is life in Pacifica and what she does to refuel her creative batteries. yonder shop

Hi Linda, Thank you for having us today! We would love to know more about you in your own words. Tell us a bit about yourself?
Oh, thanks so much! You know, I actually started drawing when I was very little, I was an artist all through school and decided to got to art school. I studied graphic design and illustration in college though I did not pursue it as a career. I went on to enter the workforce and continued doing art as a side interest for many years. Now after many years of part-time art pursuits, I’m a full-time artist and have been self-employed for seven years. yonder shop

We stumbled upon your beautiful ceramics for the first time at Rare Device on Divisadero in SF and fell in love with the simple, yet beautiful wave designs. And shortly after we discovered your cute & cool shop, Yonder, tucked away in the coastal town of Pacifica. Tell us a bit about your collection and your shop/studio?
Yonder is the shop front for my ceramics studio that’s inside as an integral part of the retail shop. I make my work in shop, host and teach workshops, corporate team building classes, and pop-up events. The shop is a place where I bring together a carefully selected collection of direct made; artist made goods from various sources. Because I am a ceramic artist, I do have a focus on table top/home decor/entertaining goods. However, I also carry a fine collection of jewelry makers, leather goods, and accessories.

Your collection for Anthropologie was amazing. How is it to work with such a huge national brand?
I’ve done a number of projects over four or so years with Anthropologie, with a focus on dinnerware and serve ware, both made by me and pieces designed by me and made by the Anthropologie factories. Of course, as a long time customer and fan of Anthro, it was thrilling for me to work with them! It was a great series of projects, and I look forward to more in the future!

How to you recharge your creativity and in general, how do you unwind?
The best way for me to recharge is to get out in nature, the water, and away from my routine. Because I work so much, and ceramic work is physically demanding work, it’s vital to get out of the studio to give my body a rest and my mind a break. One of my favorite ways to unwind is watercolor painting. I wish I had more time for painting. yonder shop

Any new exciting projects on the horizon?
I am currently in talks for a new shop/studio space in San Francisco. We’re still in talks, so nothing is for sure, but hopefully, soon we’ll embark on a new phase of expansion for both the shop YONDER and the production studio.

You chose to set up your shop in Pacifica, which we btw. love! How does Pacifica influence your work? How is life in Pacifica in general?
Pacifica is truly beautiful; it’s a small coastal town just south of San Francisco, skirted by loads of hills, trails and natural beauty.
The shop is right on HWY 1 and across from a huge open space where I walk the dog every day. It’s idyllic. I grew up in Pacifica, and now that I moved back and opened a shop in my hometown, I appreciate it in a whole new way.

Can you share with us your three favorite food spots in Pacifica?
Salada Beach Cafe, Beach Monkey Cafe, Grape in the Fog (light bar fare and wine).

Your favorite outdoor activity in Pacifica?
Sea and surf! Paddle Boarding and hiking with the dog.

Any suggestion where out-of-towners should stay when in Pacifica?
I’d recommend Airbnb’s in the Pedro Point Neighborhood. It’s the southernmost neighborhood of Pacifica, near the beach, cafes and easy access to a number of trails.


What is your favorite road trip in California?
I’d have to say heading south, anything coastal. Love beach hopping, coastal towns, and the central coast area is probably my fav! Though that’s such a tough question, there are so many places I enjoy.

Where should we go for a weekend getaway?
Pt. Reyes, West Sonoma, Glen Ellen (I spent a lot of my childhood there, and I think it’s an ideal short getaway.) yonder shop

If we have only 12 hours in Pacifica, what should we do … Where do you take out-of-town friends?
Grab a coffee, get a surf or long morning hike on the cliffs in, breakfast or lunch at Salada Beach Cafe, pop around to some of the cute shops, stop in at Table Wine for some amazing wine conversation and tastings, head to Puerto 27 or Nick’s for dinner, maybe bowling or a night cap at Grape in the Fog, or Winters’ Tavern.

Best kept California secret…
Right now, the new MoMA in SF is pretty exciting!

What do you love most about California?

Our long and beautiful coastline and its collection of quirky, unique beach towns!

Thank you, Linda!

Follow Linda on Instagram  and check out her shop here!

Shop Yonder
158 Reina Del Mar Ave, Pacifica
website – instagram

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