PitStop: Gospel Flat Farm Stand, Bolinas


Gospel Flat Farm Stand is your one-stop-shop when road tripping through California’s north.


e cannot count how many times we have been driving around the Stinson beach area in Northern California, visiting the small town of Bolinas, but somehow missing to discover the cute Gospel Flat Farms farm stand. Located on the Olema-Bolinas Road, Gospel Flat farm Stand is 24/7 honor system vegetable shop, selling daily picked produces from local farmers. You see something, you take as much as you want, you weigh it, note your purchase on the notepad at the counter, drop your money in the box and you’re good to go.  Someone might think people just take stuff and don’t pay, but the owners are not concerned:

“It seems people who are taking the time to prepare wholesome meals with raw ingredients appreciate the hard work that went into their food, and are happy to pay the modest prices that we ask.”

gospel-flat-farm-stand-bolinas-california-weekend-7gospel-flat-farm-stand-bolinas-california-weekend-7 gospel-flat-farm-stand-bolinas-california-weekend-7 gospel-flat-farm-stand-bolinas-california-weekend-7So next time you’re roaming around the area, make sure to find the Stand and load up on fresh veggies and eggs for your next dinner.

Gospel Flat Farm Stand

140 Olema-Bolinas Road
Bolinas CA 94924
415. 868. 9310

**Photography by Ana Kamin

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