Editor’s Letter : California Dreaming

Hello fellow California Dreamers,

I’m writing this to you from Cambria. It’s a sunny, quite cold morning in the secluded little coastal town, just off of Highway 1. I’m on the veranda of Cambria Beach Lodge (newly remodeled 50s motel) sipping on my decaf coffee, nibbling on banana bread, looking out on the ocean and thinking how to write the new mission statement for California Weekend. But before I dive in, let me quickly tell you about Cambria.

Some of you might even wonder: “Wait, where is Cambria? Never heard. Should I put in on my bucket list?”
The answer is… it’s almost exactly halfway between SF and LA and although it’s not an Instagram-famous destination nor has it major attractions, I think you should. I, for my part, have been here already six times. At the beginning more out of convenience because road tripping is exhausting, but the more often I visited the more I got to know it, the more I started to like it.
There are no hip restaurants, but some damn delicious food. There are no pink walls, but some of the most beautiful pink sunsets. And waking up in one of the cute motels lined up on the Moonstone beach and having a walk on a foggy morning equals a 30 minutes mindful meditation.
So far, I have seen all that there is to see in Cambria, but I’m not done with it. I will go back. There will be something new, even if it’s only another spectacular sunset.

I have the same wish for you.
No, you don’t need to go to Cambria six times. But our intention here at California Weekend is to inspire you not to be done with a place; not to check spots off with lightning speed, but to discover things and return to them for more. Be it a small coastal town, a hip restaurant, a cool shop, or anything else our beautiful Golden State has to offer.

Nowadays, I feel like, we consume more information than we can handle. There is always another list with infinite numbers of things you need to eat, things you need to see, things you need to do or buy. We, on the other hand, want to share with you where to eat only one best burger in, let’s say, San Francisco’s Outer Sunset (and see the rest of the neighborhood,too) rather than posting SEO forecast generated “201 best burgers to eat right now in California”.
How realistic is that you will even eat five of those?

Yes, we will probably also feature a list here and there, but we hope they will be helpful to you. We want to create something you will eventually return to and revisit more than once, bookmark it and share it with your friends because it caught your attention. We’ll present you travel, entertainment, fashion, design and lifestyle features in the context of California. And we will have special weeks that we call “issues” focused on specific themes.

We have planned more exciting content, but I would love to hear: what do you want to see more of here on California Weekend? What would make you excited to return to California Weekend? Please, let me know in the comments or email us at hello@californiaweekendmag.com

Our goal is to inspire you, through quality content, to experience our state in all its uniqueness — one weekend at a time.

Happy California Dreaming,

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