CA Originals : Pink’s Hot Dog, Los Angeles

Not Rodeo drive nor some fancy juice shop. The biggest chance to spot an A-list Hollywood celebrity is at Pink’s Hot Dog.

What started as a pushcart in 1939 when the Great Depression was still shaking the country is today a hot dog institution in the City of Angels. Seven years later, Paul and Betty Pink, turned their cart into a brick and mortar on 709 North La Brea, where it’s still standing strong after 70 years. Celebrities, as well as locals, and tourist are lining up at Pink’s Hot Dog for hot dogs topped with Betty’s secret chili. And while few items have remained the same, new celebrity-named (anyone a Martha Stewart Dog or Ozzy Spice Dog?) hot dogs have joined the menu. Now run by the Pink siblings Pink’s hot dog has expanded its hot dog deliciousness to Las Vegas and two other locations in CA.

pinks-hot-dog-los-angeles-california-weekend-01 pinks-hot-dog-los-angeles-california-weekend-8

Don’t faint if suddenly your hot dog is assembled by some Hollywood giant; they tend to do such things for special occasions like anniversaries or charity events.

And for romantics among you, *Bruce Willis and Demi Moore got engaged at Pink’s.
Now it’s up to you to visit this iconic spot and let us know what’s your favorite Pink’s hot dog?

pinks-hot-dog-los-angeles-california-weekend-7 pinks-hot-dog-los-angeles-california-weekend-7

★Pink’s Hot Dog
709 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 931-4223

*source: LA Times

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