Beauty Talk with Yana Sheptovetskaya of Gelcream

In the world of beauty vloggers, bloggers and Instagrammers, it’s not easy to come up with something original anymore. So imagine our joy when we stumbled upon @Gelcream on Instagram. A beautiful hand, holding beauty products into the perfect mix of light and shadows immediately captured our eye.


reative and artistic, Gelcream displays beauty products in ‘literally’ new light, presenting them in an editorial-worthy style. The captions are short, on point and honest. The beauty products not sponsored. A quick recap of the products, their function, cost-benefit ratio and if they worked for Gelcream. That’s all we sometimes want from a product review. Intrigued by this account, we wanted to know — who’s the hand behind Gelcream? And we found her. Yana Sheptovetskaya is in real life fashion editor with a strong passion for lipstick, concealer, creams and masks. Yana moved two years ago from Moscow, and with a stop in San Francisco, she now calls Los Angeles her home. We caught up with Yana to talk all things beauty and inspiration. Featuring special images, created only for California Weekend! Thanks, Yana!

One day, we accidentally stumbled upon your Instagram beauty account, @gelcream, and we couldn’t but be amazed by the presentation of the products. It’s unlike anything we have seen in the beauty department. Tell us all about it? Who did it started, what was the motivation behind and how did you come up with that style?
Thank you! It started a long time ago; I would say when I was 14-15 years old and purchased my first lipstick. I was so fascinated by the magic of this tiny object and carried it with me all the time (I did not really use it for its purpose, it was more of a talisman). Since then I was always attracted by beauty products: they are not just beautifully designed objects itself but also functional and make you spend quality time with yourself, relax. I started Gelcream when I moved to California, the lighting here is magical so it all came together one day, I had no plans for it.

The specific moody look of your images is already recognizable. How does your creative process look like from start to finished image?
Many people ask me what my setup is and which camera do I use, but the reality is not as exciting – I just wait for the sun (not a long wait in LA) and use iPhone 7 and VSCO app to edit the photos.

Your followers are growing rapidly. What is next for @gelcream?
I have tons of ideas, but I don’t want to rush anything. At the moment Gelcream is becoming a combination of my beloved printed magazines (Harper’s Bazaar by Alexey Brodovich or modern The Gentlewoman vibes) mixed with the New Media possibilities. I try to tell stories in an old-school way but using Instagram. Each post is a new page a reader opens, one page a day.

You just recently switched cities, from SF to LA? Tell us a bit about this. What is the difference between these two cities for you?
It has been two years since I moved to California and every new day I enjoy it like it’s the first day, I can’t get used to pink sunsets, palm trees, and cinematic light. And I hope I never will! I love San Francisco for its dreamy nature and the beauty of the city itself, but Los Angeles, for me, is the perfect combination of the working environment and good vibrations! You never feel alone here.

With so many beauty products in your bathroom. How does your beauty routine look like?
It may sound surprising considering how many products I have, but my routine is super minimal – I have few things I can not live without.

My forever essentials are the Micellar Water by Bioderma and Biotherm Deodorant. I never travel without them and get really nervous when I ran out. Bioderma is finally available in the US but the deodorant I buy in bulk when I go to Europe. It totally worth the hunt and it’s price, it is seriously the best ever, trust me!
My next step is a good serum. I love Aesop Lucent Concentrate and use it in the morning. It has a very light texture, and matte finish and application feel very luxurious. At night I use Good Genes by Sunday Riley. Lactic Acid helps to reduce pigmentation and scarring, makes skin smoother. It smells weird and takes a while to show the first results, but after you see them there is no way back! After I always apply a moisturizer, I don’t have a favorite; here I play around every day.


I love masks. It is the easiest skin care product because the results are almost always instant and such a relaxing process! I am not a big fan of sheet masks and cleansing masks to brightening ones. I just love that feeling of soft, tight skin afterward! My absolute favorite is Eve Lom Rescue Mask – baby face guaranteed! Herbivore Blue Tansy I like too, it helps to heal and regenerate the skin and smells funky.

Always on my stand-by! Kate Somerville Dry Lotion to dry and heal pimples overnight and Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion to fight the painful deep acne, that visits me occasionally. With this one my advice is to really rub it in, of course, it won’t delete the problem completely, but oh yes, it will get smaller in size.

I don’t use much makeup. I always have Nars Foundation (not pictured) to hide unwanted areas and those three magic wands:
Trish McEvoy Liquid Face Color – I use it as a blush. Very natural shade with a little glow. Perfect for the day!
Make Beauty Lash and Brow Gel – my brows are quite boy-brows, so I don’t use tinted gels and just brush them in the morning.
Trish McEvoy Mascara – I love products that are low maintenance. You can forget about this mascara during the day – it won’t flake or run.


Ok, and now few questions about California…

What is your favorite road trip in California?
Every road you take will lead you somewhere beautiful! I love unexpected decisions and sometimes just pick a dot on the map and go there.

Where should we go for a weekend getaway?
I would hide in a hidden winery somewhere in Paso Robles or would go to Palm Springs, where I strongly suggest to avoid hotels and find an Airbnb. I also know for sure that California is a place you can never discover, it is literally a treasure island of weekend getaways.

Your three go-to restaurants in LA?
I love Oak’s Gourmet for the chill atmosphere; I wouldn’t call it a restaurant, more like a little shop with food so don’t expect too much but don’t leave without a chicken bbq pizza! Beachwood Cafe is my favorite for breakfast or brunch, and I like my neighborhood spot Bar Bandini for a glass of wine.




If we have only 12 hours in Los Angeles, what should we do … Where do you take out-of-town friends?
Get some coffee and chill under the sun. Don’t rush anywhere!

What do you love most about California?

Of course – the weather, also an endless amount of possibilities and amazing people you meet.

Thank you, Yana!

*All images courtesy of Yana & Gelcream

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