5 Tips to Make the Most Out Of Your Outpost Experience

When an expo showcasing the coolest active lifestyle brands and a summer camp in California’s redwoods join forces, the result is Outpost.

What started as an idea to modernize the outdated trade show model has grown into event series where outdoors enthusiasts, music lovers, foodies, brand representatives, and media influencers come together to discover new products, forge meaningful connections and engage in fun activities. 

Rather than displaying their products in a booth in a huge hall, The Outpost offers an amazing opportunity for brands to showcase their goods in their natural environment, where there are meant to be used — outdoors. While consumers and buyers get a chance to test drive try, interact and learn more about brands and their mission.

“We’ve designed a unique space to enjoy modern active life, community, and new ideas around social and business issues that impact us all.” 

The past weekend we attended the Outpost flagship event at Camp Navarro, Mendocino, and can happily report back that the quote above holds true. With experiences ranging from redwood tree climbing to kombucha making, from touring Airstream to learning how to operate a drone, the Outpost weekend getaway was one of a kind.


Here is just a small excerpt off all the amazing brands and activities you can find at Outpost. 






One towel, that fits all your activities. 
Yoga? Surfing? Camping? Nomadix has a towel for you. Namely, only one. According to their motto: Own less. Do more. Nomadix encourages conscious shopping while doing good for the environment. Their towels are all made from certified post-consumer plastic bottles.












Upgraded American Classic. 
Can you image a camping trip without s’mores? Us neither. 1927 gives everyone’s favorite outdoorsy dessert a makeover by using local ingredients, making everything from scratch and creating these delicious kits.













Built to last. 
In a fast-paced fashion world, Iron and Resin has made it their mission to produce sustainable mens wear that will last life long.












Next level chillin’. 
Floating under the redwoods? Yes, please!
With Chillbo, the days of uncomfortable twisting and turning on the ground – while trying to actually relax – are over.
These colorful floaties and loungers are perfect for water and land. They fold super small and fit into any bag.  All you need is a swoop of air and you got yourself a comfy lounger.









In case you decide you want to join in on the fun next year, we have five tips that will help you make the most out of the Outpost experience. 

1. Carpool, carpool, carpool.
Even though it sounds tempting to leave the pleasure of driving scenic California roads to yourself (windows down, volume up!), please consider carpooling. First, it helps our planet. Second, chances are, by the time you get to the location, you’ve made three new friends. And we are pretty sure; there are many more reasons to carpool.


2. Don’t be shy to talk to brands; they want to hear from you!
One of the highlights of the weekend is The Trading Post — a place to see the latest trends in active lifestyle, meet the creators and hear the stories behind the brands. Use this time to ask any questions you might have about the products. This way, we’d learned what goes into a process of manufacturing Nomadix towels which are made from recycled plastic. It’s quite impressive!


3. Get involved and try an activity you haven’t tried before.
Sound bath meditation or Harley Davidson demo ride; River float or Brisket cooking workshop; Botanical like drawing or Archery. With a range of activities this wide, you have no excuses.


4. Prepare extra layers for the night.
During the day majestic cathedrals of redwood trees bring much-appreciated shade, but when the sun goes down, it could get quite cold. You can warm yourself up by dancing out to the on-stage performances, grilling some s’mores on a fire pit, or even imbibing a delicious cocktail. Though bringing extra layers just in case is always a good idea!


5. Spend some time by yourself in nature.
We get it, being among a lot of new people can at times feel overwhelming. Take a blanket and go into the woods to unplug and recharge. Sit next to a tree absorbing its healing energy, look up in the blue skies, and maybe even put your shoes down. Get still and listen — the answers you need are always within.


Extra tip:
When you sit next to a stranger for dinner, try to go beyond “What do you do for a living?” question. People are much more interesting than their daily jobs.

Bottom line: The Outpost Trade is a fun and unique opportunity to meet like-minded people and learn about new products in a relaxed outdoor atmosphere.

To find out about the next Outpost event, visit their official site.

Images by Natalie Tereshchenko for California Weekend

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