SHOP STOP :: Woo Shop, Arts District, LA

The Woo Shop in Arts District is pioneering the production-to-shop movement.



ith farm-to-table movement everywhere, it was just matter of time someone starts a production-to-shop trend. On our recent stroll through Arts District, we stumbled upon a cute shop tucked in an old industrial building that is doing exactly that.By giving up and coming artists and designers the opportunity to make their products in the warehouse and sell directly in the retail space, the Woo Shop creates a unique shopping experience. The shoppers are welcome to peek behind the scenes of the manufacturing process and even meet and greet with the local designers. Racks full of beachy dresses and indigo patterns; you can feel the laid-back California lifestyle in here.

The shop features different local designers, including Woo’s own line of airy, beachy dresses and other fashion items created but Staci Woo, the founder of Woo. Staci, who has worked in the fashion and retail business for years, made the leap to create her own collection, starting with bags and intimates and continuing with dresses, blouses, tops, and kaftans. Her designs are the epitome of the California beach lifestyle.

If you are looking for something more than fashion, there are home goods items as well as beauty products and jewelry. And it’s true; you can go and peek what’s happening behind the scenes. You will find sewing machines, beautiful fabric, stacked pillows and a perfectly imperfect creative mess.

★Woo Shop
209 S Garey St, Los Angeles
(213) 687-4800


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