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We here at California Weekend like going offline for a day or two in order to disconnect to reconnect. And we like finding cool, remote spots to share with you. Like Oz Farm in Point Arena, where our contributor Taylor Brown spend a few days recharging and feeding chickens.


Oz farm is one of those places that you can’t stop thinking about even after you get home. Hidden off a dirt road along the Mendocino coast (just a mile from Highway 1) , the 200+ acre property has it all. A river to swim in, an apple orchard, a hike through a redwood forest, and many accommodations for you to rest your head. For the true outdoorsman there are campsites nestled within in the redwoods. Worried about cooking delicious meals? The property has a large “community house” where everyone is invited to cook in their amazing industrial kitchen. You can also relax with a board game, and simply hang out around the cast iron fireplace. It’s the perfect escape from city life and civilization in general.

The various different structures to stay in are glamping to the max. Think little electricity (it’s all solar powered), dim lighting, and hand built wooden structures that may creak in the wind; many of which you have to do a short hike to get to. For the ultimate view, and yoga spot, we suggest the Tai Chi Yurt (sleeps 2-4). The most romantic ‘cabins’ are the Newbird Cabin, and Rainbow Cabin. Both have beautiful porches perfect for two people who can’t wait to put down the electronics and pick up a good book.

Thinking ladies retreat? Then Springhouse is the way to go. There are 4 queen size beds that offer the best spots for deep conversations. 

Incase you couldn’t tell we are smitten with Oz farm. There is nothing quite better than truly living off the land. You can even leave with some of their fresh fruits and veggies! 

★Oz Farm
41601 Mountain View Rd, Point Arena, CA


*Photography by Taylor Brown.

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  • Laura Fritze
    November 18, 2016

    Love these pictures….bursting with color and detail (-:

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