Urban Jungle Book, Living & Styling with Plants

It all started with a coffee date and the hashtag #urbanjunglebolggersUrban Jungle Book


hen in 2013, Igor and Judith met over a cup of coffee, talking all things interior and plants, I don’t think, they imagined one day having a book published together about plants. The Urban Jungle Book is great!urban-jungle-book-living-styling-with-plantsUrban Jungle Book



Both blogging from Europe, Igor (happyinteriorblog.com) & Judith (joelix.com), started using #urbanjunglebolggers to share their own passion for plants, but also to encourage other plant enthusiasts to chime in on the hashtag and spread some green love and inspiration. One Instagram lead to another, a community started growing, and they began hosting monthly plant-focused challenges. A newsletter would go around, explaining the monthly topic, which so far ranged from “#plantselfie” to “plants & coffee” to “botanical zoom”, and much more. You can see all the topics here. People would create a picture with their interpretation of the theme and share on their blogs, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I, myself have participated few times, and it is so much fun, not to only create something, but to see what other people think of when they hear “plant-animals.”

And today, I’m so proud of them — I know Igor IRL, but both have been longtime Instafriends. Urban Jungle Book

After 87,752 tagged Instagrams, 30 challenges and 3 years, their love for plants has turned into a book.


The Urban Jungle, Living & Styling with Plants is out in Europe ( in German + English) and you can already pre-order the US version on Amazon.

It’s packed with beautiful images by Lina Skukauské; features 5, amazing, very green, homes across Europe; gives tips ‘n’ tricks on how to care for your plants ( long live the green thumb!) and introduces different bloggers and their botanical DIYs. It’s not only a lovely table book, but it’s also a guide to your own green happiness. It gives you ideas, inspiration, and motivation to bring more plants into your home and life and helps you keep them alive. Which is crucial for me — I hope that $230 fig fiddle leaf tree survives. urban-jungle-book-living-styling-with-plants

So check out their blog, sign up for their newsletter or just simply follow them on Instagram, they are the @URBANJUNGLEBLOGGERS.

The Urban Jungle, Living & Styling with Plants

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