Snapshot :: Marissa A. Ross Will Save Your Camping Trip!

Marissa A. Ross is the wine critic of a new generation, and she doesn’t mince matters when talking about wino. Marissa A Ross

Let’s be honest, as much as we love wine, there is something slightly stuffy when it comes to talking about it. Picture wine tasting, the experts throwing at us formal wine lingo, explaining smokey and berry palette (no one but them seems to taste). At the restaurant, we swirl, sniff and gurgle, just so the sommelier thinks we are wine savvy, while the only thing we actually want to do is: taste it, like it and drink it.

And this is where Marissa A. Ross enters the wine stage. A former comedy writer, Marissa started blogging about wine in 2011, sharing her experience with Two-Buck Chuck and other wines in a funny, real and unpretentious way while tasting directly from the bottle.


marissa-a-ross-wine-editor-bon-appetitLike most of us normally do at home, right? Her video reviews are extremely entertaining. And she’s like us – she has difficulties pronouncing wine names. Her take on wine is so refreshing that bon appetit hired her as their wine editor, which is quite a deal. If you want to have a better relationship with wine, we highly recommend to read Marissa’s blog, watch her first episode for bon appetit, follow her on Instagram and discover the new wine generation.
But wait, we still need to tell you why she’s saving the camping trip! Camping and traditional wine glasses have never been a good combo and yes, the world got smarter and replaced glass with plastic, but enamel is camper’s material of choice. So to enjoy wine in style around campfire Marissa collaborated with Crow Canyon on enamel wine tumblers. With illustrations inspired by vintage Home & Gardens and Sunset magazines, the 10 oz, unbreakable tumblers are perfect for any kind of outdoorsy drinking. And because in California camping season last ten months, this is a safe investment, so buy them here or here. Cheers!

*photo of Marissa by Sunny Shokrae for Bon Appetit September 2016 issue. 

marissa a. ross

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