Snapshot : Large-scale Art at The Beverly Center

Constructions are inevitable. And they are not pleasing to the eye. But when you turn the building cover into a canvas for the artists to display their work, that’s a whole other story.


f you have been passing by the – under construction – Beverly Center in Los Angeles, you might have wondered (as we did ) what’s with the changing, oversized posters on the construction cover? We couldn’t identify it as an advertisement, so what was it? Curious as we are, we asked around, and it turns out they are art installation by Los Angeles artists. As part of the Beverly Center Art Program, the displayed art is curated by Jenelle Porter, in association with the Hammer Museum.

The large-scale exterior artworks will continue throughout the construction phase and will feature pieces from Geoff McFetridge, Sharon Lockhart, and Catherine Opie, as well as unique interior seating installations from Julian Hoeber and Karen Kimmel. So now you know. : ) And we think it’s a great way to make constructions more fun. So next time you are passing by, snap a photo and have your own small collection of the massive-scale art.

*Photography by Charlie Cho

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