PitStop : The Now Massage, Los Angeles

Disconnect to reconnect at the Now Massage in Los Angeles.


o, there you are, in Los Angeles, running around and checking off all the delicious food places you discovered on Instagram, which is entirely fine. But stop for a second, because we need to tell you about one non-food-spot we also noticed on Instagram, and as of now, it’s a must-visit when in LA. We are talking about The Now Massage. A tranquil boutique day spa that combines bohemian, Tulum-style interior with excellent, affordable service.

While most messages spa are: a) designed head to toe, luxurious and piping pricey or b) affordable, but from the 70s, The Now delivers only the best from a and b, means beautiful and affordable.


As the name indicates, the co-founders Erica Malbon, Gara Post, and Amy Krofchick are all about being present, hitting the reset button and recharging through the massage experience.

Already with a second location in Santa Monica and a third one in planning The Now reinvents the massage new. Their menu offers everything from their signature massage “the now” to “traveler” ( for the jet setter) to “the stretch” ( for the athlete) and much more. Massages start at $35 for 25 minutes and go up to $90 for 80 minutes. You can book aromatherapy add-ons, and they carry a selected collection of Tulum’s Coqui Coqui perfumes and candles. Walk-ins are welcome but if you want to be on the safe side book your session here.

We are excited for our next time and here are our 3 reasons to visit The Now:


1. It’s beautiful; it’s a mini-escape to a bohemian oasis in the middle of a busy city.

2. The massage rooms are dimly lit and with aromatic scent in the air, you will for sure fall asleep.

3. The masseurs all wear white, greet you calmly and adjust the massage to your wishes.


The Now
Los Angeles
7611 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 746-5525

Santa Monica
2407 Main St
Santa Monica, CA 90405

website + instagram

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