Pit Stop :: Parkside Cafe, Stinson Beach

Don’t miss Parkside Café on your next trip to Stinson Beach. Freshly baked bread & a pesto-to-travel-for are just a few of the delicacies that await you at this coastal town gem! Parkside Cafe. 


ocals and visitors alike flock to Parkside since it opened in 1999. It became an institution for brunch lovers, lunchers looking to fuel up after a long hike and friends of romantic dinners under string lights. The Parkside “imperium” consist of a café, bakery, snack bar and private room dining. With the bakery being the latest addition, visiting Parkside has become even more a must. The freshly baked bread is a crisp on the outside and perfectly soft on the inside dream come true.

While the owner, John, was considering to open a brewery, in what used to be a storage garage, his wife, Maxine had other plans for the space. She wanted to open a bakery with sell bread to the community that was even worth traveling for. And she succeeded. The small Stinson Beach community couldn’t be more happy to have a bakery in their town. And the bread is already gaining popularity beyond the borders of Stinson Beach. Their sales are split 50/50 on retail and wholesale. We have already stopped many times when road tripping in that area. And please try it yourself, so you know what we are talking about. 

The bread is not the only item worth stopping at the Parkside; their homemade pesto is equally delicious. It might also be the best pesto we have ever tried. A green paste filled with lots of garlic, pine nuts, basil and a generous note of lemon. Only these two items are totally enough for your beach picnic. The big wood oven also delivers thin crust pizzas and other baked goods. Next to sandwiches and edibles, you can find well-curated home goods; from plates to cheese boards and oyster knives.

We cannot wait to be back and get a fresh loaf and if you do, share it with us on Instagram! We are @californiaweekend!

★Parkside Café

Golden Gate National Recreation Area
43 Arsenal Ave, Stinson Beach, CA 94970
(415) 868-1277

Open Monday – Sunday
dining hours: 7:30 am – 9:00 pm
coffee bar: open at 6:00 am


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