Museum Of Ice Cream, Los Angeles

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The Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles just released the second round of its highly coveted tickets and extended its stay until August. The summer is going to be good.


k, let’s back up a bit since you might not know why we are even so excited about this pop-up event. If you are an avid Instagrammer, then you probably have already seen this phenomenon popping up in your feed. Created by Maryellis Bunn and Manish Vora, the Museum of Ice Cream, Los Angeles displays, as the name suggest, ice cream inspired installations. Originated as a temporary exhibition in New York, the Los Angeles outpost is breaking all records when it comes to ticket sales and Instagram shares. The plan was to have the Museum of Ice Cream open until May, but the fact that Californians cannot get enough ice cream in their life prompted the creators to stay a bit longer.

*Images via @museumoficecream@karendoolittle

So you are wondering, what is awaiting you at the Museum of Ice Cream?
10 rooms filled with different ice cream-inspired installations. There is a banana split room with pink and yellow plastic bananas and a swing, a mint chocolate chip room where you can sample this favorite flavor, a California room with samples from trending ice cream shops ( hello, Salt & Straw!), or a room with giant, melted popsicles sticking out of the wall. And of course, maybe the most popular feature — the sprinkles pool. According to Maryellis Bunn, there are over 100 million plastic sprinkles in the pink pool.

“…as a child, I always thought it would be so fantastic if the ocean was filled with sprinkles and be something that I could swim in.” – Maryellis Bunn

A new round of tickets went on sale on Friday, so don’t think too long, they will be gone before your ice cream melts.

Tickets for Museum of Ice Cream can only be purchased online, no onsite purchases.
Price: Adults ( age 13+) : $29, Child (age 3-12) or Senior (age 60+): $18
Museum of Ice Cream
2018 E 7th Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90021
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