Best Joshua Tree Airbnbs right now!

*Photo courtesy of Airbnb.

These Joshua Tree Airbnb are more than just a desert dust!


ometimes, on Sundays, when all things are done, we love to browse Airbnb for our next weekend trip idea. We have list after list on our profile, and one particular list is growing rapidly because there are so many great stays we cannot decide which one to book for our next trip. The name of the list, you are asking? Joshua Tree Dreamin’. You have probably spotted this Dome in the Desert home all over Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, and in several indie magazines. We love it too, but booking this one may require some patience. Yet don’t despair, we discovered that Joshua Tree is full of unique, artistry, desert-inspired homes for actually pretty affordable prices. The area around the mystic Joshua Tree Park is sprinkled with homes ranging from futuristic structures in the middle of nowhere to a rustic bungalow in Pioneertown. Whether you are looking for some secludes soul searching time, or you want to be up by 5 am to capture that magic morning light, Joshua Tree is the new hip destination in SoCal. And while the area lacks hotels, these Airbnb got you covered for an unforgettable stay.

joshua-tree-airbnb-california-weekend-3DESERT VIEW HIDEAWAY

You cannot go wrong with a stay at this sleek-desert-chic oasis created by the creative sisters Malia + Jessica. And if this listing is sold out, they have two more. Book here.

joshua-tree-airbnb-california-weekend-2MID-CENTURY MODERN CABIN

A mid-century playground in the middle of the desert. Old ships container are converted into areas for ping-pong, reading and lunging. Book here.

joshua-tree-airbnb-california-weekend-4CASEY JONES HOUSE

This remind us very much of Star Wars. Futuristic design, an outdoor shower and the calmness of the desert. We don’t need more. Book here.

joshua-tree-airbnb-california-weekend-12CASA JOSHUA TREE

Not only is this house decorated to the bones, but the owner, Lindsey, also offers workshops and artist in residency programs. Book here.  

joshua-tree-airbnb-california-weekend-51 MILE FROM THE PARK

If you want to squeeze in few more minutes of sleep, before heading out to a morning hike in the Joshua Tree Park, than this house is for you. Plus you can chill later in the whirpool. Book here.

joshua-tree-airbnb-california-weekend-15HOME SWEET HOMESTEADER 

Surrounded by Joshua Trees, this revamped cabin from the 50s is the perfect homebase for your Joshua Tree exploration. Book here.

joshua-tree-airbnb-california-weekend-6ORGANIC JOSHUA TREE CABIN

This cabin is light-filled and decorated with beautiful organic textiles and shapes. Just relax and unwind. Book here.

joshua-tree-airbnb-california-weekend-7WILD WILD WEST CABIN

With flower wallpaper, ornament headboard and loveseat, this is your step back into the charming interior of the Wild West. Book here.

joshua-tree-airbnb-california-weekend-14FLAMINGO ROCKS HOUSE

We think that bathtub is all you need to know. Book here.

joshua-tree-airbnb-california-weekend-8DREAM CABIN

From the makers of the Dome in the Desert comes another beautifully decorated home. Actually can we move in here? Book here. 

*All pictures are courtesy of Airbnb

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