Your Instagram Guide to Best Avocado Toast in California!

Green, creamy and oh-so tasty, it’s no surprise why avocado toast has become quite the craze over the last few years or so.


nd here on the west coast, avocado toast is practically the new peanut-butter and jelly. While this staple food is nothing new, this green toast keeps making its appearance on menus across the state since we cannot seem to get enough. It’s simple, satisfying, and can be eaten All. Day. Long! So if you’re looking for the best places to get your green toast fix, here are 7 delicious spots across the Golden State (all Instagram favorites!) you’ve got to try next. Go ahead, treat those taste-buds!


Kitchentown (shown above)
1007 Howard Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401

Located on the outskirts of San Francisco, Kitchentown is a food start-up incubator serving fine food while delivering friendly Californian service.  For about $8, you can get a HUGE portion of avocado mashed with cumin and cardamon. Piled high on freshly baked bread, this avocado toast tastes amazing and is worth the price. Not to mention the space itself is also great. While Kitchentown is pretty hidden in a residential area, it’s a great place to check off some items on your to-do list since it offers free wifi and plenty of seating.

image via @fluxi





Jane on Fillmore
2123 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115

Since opening its door in 2011, Jane on Fillmore has become an institution for the Pacific Heights neighborhood. And here at this bustling, light-filled cafe, an incredible avocado-toast experience awaits. With a strong emphasis on flavor and high-quality ingredients, the Avocado Mash consists of cracked black pepper, a soft boiled egg, pickled shallot and jalapeño on house-made sourdough. Yes, my mouth is watering, too, just thinking about this green goodness! Make sure to order a cup of freshly brewed fair-trade coffee while you wait, and don’t forget to grab a handmade pastry on your way out!

image via @janeonfillmore






720 N Virgil Ave #4, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Serving as the little sister to Sqirl’s best known ricotta toast, the avocado option is just as delectable. Made with spicy pickled carrots, green garlic creme fraiche, wood sorrel, and house za’atar, the avocado toast not only tastes delicious — crunchy, tangy, spicy, oh my! — it is also a work of art in appearance. Uniqueness at its finest…and tastiest! And while you’ll probably have to stand in line to get your hands on your own slice, the wait is well worth it.

image via @sqirlla




Cento Pasta Bar
128 E 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

I know what you’re probably thinking, “Avocado toast and pasta bars. Say what?” But go ahead and unfurl that brow because Cento’s avocado toast is a favorite among the Los Angeles locals. Simplicity is the shining star here at this eatery and it won’t take long for you to make this distinction. When your eyes gaze upon the slices of avocado resting perfectly on a dollop of crème fraîche spread across toasted bread, you’ll understand. Topped off with a pinch of sea salt, and voila! Chances are you’ll debate ordering a second serving. My advice? Go ahead and indulge!

image via @centopastabar



Bartavelle Coffee & Wine Bar
1603 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

Named after a French songbird, Bartavelle Coffee & Wine Bar chirps with one mission in mind: to hit all points on your palate. There’s a lot to marvel at when it comes to this playfully sophisticated cafe, one allure being the avocado toast. Served with a generous amount of mashed avocado spread along all edges of the bread, it’s sprinkled with a pinch of sea salt and a bit of marash pepper to add a kiss of heat. And with lots of other creative dishes, including diverse cheese boards and an extra-long wine list, the toast might just be your first stop on an exciting culinary journey.

image via @kgb_cooks


Homegrown Oakland
6501 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA 94608

The quirky cafe of Homegrown Oakland might be small in size, but it certainly is packed with invigorating flavor. The culinary masterminds behind Homegrown Oakland take pride in serving the freshest Californian favorites, all while adding their own exotic twists. Mixing Latin, Asian, and Mediterranean flavors to classic comfort foods is one of the many reasons this beloved cafe is an Oakland favorite. And if you’re looking to fuel both your mind and body, look no further than at the Kimchee Avocado Egg Toast dish. For $10, your taste-buds can revel in celebration as they chow down on smashed avocado, a soft egg, kimchee, crack sauce, and black sesame seeds all served on a crunchy slice of Acme bread. And how could I forget to mention the yummy kale salad on the side?

image via @mytruewellness




King’s Highway at the Ace Hotel
701 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

If you’re in the mood to celebrate the bohemian spirit of the west, then King’s Highway is calling your name. This eclectic roadside diner located off the Ace Hotel offers a fun atmosphere and a tasty Cal-Mexican themed menu. Committed to using heirloom ingredients and locally-sourced produce, the food here at King’s Highway is exceptionally scrumptious. And the avocado toast is no exception. While this toast is on the pricier side at $13, many vow that the taste is well worth the price. After you’ve finished chowing down, be sure to hit up the diner’s iconic photo-booth to forever capture your desert-dining experience!

image via @kingshighwaydiner


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