Griffith Park Hike, Los Angeles

Most tourists only make it up to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, but the Griffith Park is a real hikers paradise. With 4,310 acres of land, it’s the one largest urban park areas is North America. We suggest, leave your flip flops at home and put your sneakers on. Griffith Park Hike


Spreading out on the east side of the Santa Monica Mountains, the Griffith Park is a welcomed escape for Angelenos and everyone else who needs to stretch their legs after hours spent in the car — which happens way too often in LA. Mostly known for being the location of the celebrity-status-famous Griffith Observatory, the park is perfect for a day of hiking. More than 53 miles of trails are at your convenience to explore and inhale the magnificent view of Lalaland.

Wander around the Berlin Forest, visit the original Bat Cave, picnic at the old, abandoned (spooky) zoo, or enjoy some quiet time at Amir’s Garden. The choice is yours. If you are still here only for the Observatory, we recommend, leave your car at the parking lots near the Greek Theater and use the Firebreak Trail to walk all the way up. It’s a sporty trek, and you have squeezed in a quick workout.

Griffith Park Hike
You can always grab some food from the cafe at the Observatory or pack your own lunch box, but if you want a piece of history and some damn delicious food, stop at The Trails Cafe after or before your hike. The Trails has been an institution for years and a quiet space to rest. Their vegetarian-focused menu has some of the best pies we have tested so far, amazing avocado toast sprinkled with crispy soy bacon and lots of sprouts and don’t miss their egg in a basket (eggs baked in a bread basket and topped with pesto, parmesan, and herbs). The Shelby even extracted the recipe for the eggs in a basket from the co-owner, Jenny Park.

Here are few good things to know when hiking in the Griffith Park:

– Have with you and smear plenty of sunscreen on you. Most of the time you will be exposed to LA’s blazing and relentless sun. Even if it’s cloudy, you can get a sunburn. A hat wouldn’t hurt either.

– By now, you are grown up enough to know how important it is to stay hydrated. But just a friendly reminder: Carry enough water with you.

– You will be grateful if you chose those comfy, sturdy sneakers over light espadrilles.

– Parking can get challenging on the weekends. Try to arrive early.

– Check out more Griffith Park trails on Alltrails.

We want to know, what is your favorite hike in LA? Share it with us on Instagram, tag us, we are @californiaweekend.

*The Trails Cafe image by The Shelby via New York Times.

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