Do the Duffy Boat Ride in Newport Beach

If you are traveling with a group to Orange County, we have a fun idea to fancy up your brunch or lunch time. Rent a Duffy boat!

*Note: That boat in the picture above is not a Duffy Boat, just the view from a Duffy boat. ; )

You might wonder: what are Duffy boats? They are small electrical boats; they look something similar to a golf cart, but just for the water. You can fit up to 12 people and cruise around. And Newport Beach has the largest fleet in the world!
Duffy boats don’t have a captain — you are the captain or anyone who’s over 21, has driver’s license and can maneuver through the waters of Newport Beach harbor. 
So here comes the idea… Instead of brunching or lunching on land, why not take your meal out on a boat trip. The boats cost $99/hour, and you can fit up to 12 people. If you split the fee, it doesn’t sound a lot anymore. You have two options for food.
#1: Bring your own. You are allowed to bring any food and beverages on the boat in your own cooler.
#2: Dock at the restaurants and order something to go. While cruising around you will see that many restaurants, which have an exit to the water, also have docks where you can stop and grab something to go. Pretty cool, right?

Those are your options. We think this is a great activity for a family vacation or your next bachelor-ette party. They even have iPhone/iPod/iPad/ docking station for some tunes.

Check out their FAQ to find out more. Here is also a list of restaurants where you can stop at. And what else you can do in Newport Beach, check out here.

If you ever go on a Duffy boat ride, we would love to see that! Tag us on Instagram! We are @californiaweekend + #californiaweekend!

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