Our logo is our cover. And we want to give the opportunity to the creative folks of California to submit an image or pattern to display their artistic view of the Golden State.


Every week we will change the background image of the California font and your submission has the chance to be featured.

How it works:


We want to see an image that has a strong California feeling. It can be everything from the Redwoods to close up of cacti to ice cream to street art. Send us a JPG file in high resolution, at least 3000px width.


You are an artist, painter, graphic designer and you have this pattern that feels so California? Share it with us. Send us a JPG file in high resolution, at least 3000px width.

★Tell us a little bit more about your image/pattern.

How does it represent California?
Where did you take it?
What was the inspiration behind it?

★Tell us a little bit about you?

Who are you? Where do you live?
What do you love about California?
Tell us your top 3 places in California.
Send us a casual picture of you as JPG file in high resolution, at least 1500px width.

When your image/pattern goes live, we will publish a post about you and your work and link to it in the sidebar for as long as you logo cover is up.

**Please note while we get many submissions, the year has only 52 weeks, so we cannot guarantee that your submission will be displayed.

Send your submission to hello@californiaweekendmag.com

Thank you so much, and we will be in touch.